crumble od jabuka

Apple Crumble With Cardamom Butter Sauce

Lately, I’m totally into simple, rustic desserts, and apple crumble fits perfectly to that category: simple, rustic fruit dessert that is baked in the oven. Besides apples, crumble filling usually consists of peaches, berries, apricots, plums, pears and if you’re lucky, rhubarb. This apple crumble was the first thing I baked just after the earthquake […]

strawberry and rhubarb salad

Easy and delicious rhubarb and strawberry salad

Rhubarb, that mystical plant that I’ve been looking at all sort of food blogs and cookbooks for a long time has finally managed to find her way to my kitchen. And all of that thanks to this old lady on our local market Dolac here in Zagreb that’s probably the only person who sells the rhubarb, […]