Zesty lavender and lemon curd cookies

I love to eat good butter cookies. Since I’m a big fan of a warm cup of coffee (or tea), I always like to have some cookies in my cookie tin to dip them in that soothing liquid, which is not that good for my waist, but it’s great for my mind. ūüôā Also, I […]

Classic lemon meringue tart

How to make classic lemon meringue tart

Refreshing, almost dazzling flavor of lemon curd with crisp pastry and elegant meringue. An unusual sour-sweet combination that lures you with every bite you take.¬† Lemon meringue tart is a¬†common delicacy in European pastry, but today this tart is so famous that it’s almost impossible that you didn’t hear of it before. There are many […]


Pinca – soft and sweet Croatian Easter bread

After a recipe for tasty, quick¬†kefir banana bread, I’m bringing you a recipe for another sweet, but this time traditional, Croatian Easter bread. I don’t know how is the weather in the place where you live, but here in Croatia we’re all tired from the winter and we can’t wait for warm sunny days. If […]

Shortbread keksi u obliku srca

Shortbread cookies for Valentine’s day

I think that I could not have had better start this blog than with this lovely recipe for shortbread cookies for Valentine’s day. Shortbread cookies are famous Scottish cookies which originate in the 12th century. However, it is well known that the recipe for these cookies is perfected at the court of Mary Stuart, Queen […]