Domaće mljeko od lješnjaka

Creamy Homemade Hazelnut Milk Recipe

My experimenting with homemade hazelnut milk began somewhere in the middle of my struggle with acne when my dermatologist recommended that I should cut cow milk and sugar from my diet. And at that time I couldn’t imagine a day without milk (at least in my coffee) and eating something sweet. So, you can imagine […]

pinca_sweet easter bread

Pinca – soft and sweet Croatian Easter bread

This soft and sweet Croatian Easter bread pinca (sirnica) is one of the star foods that people like to eat in some parts of Croatia for this holiday. If you want to add something really special to your Easter table, you should try making this traditional tender bread that will make your house smell divine! […]

perfect lemon curd recipe

Simply Perfect Lemon Curd

RECIPE UPDATE (February 22, 2022.) The recipe has been tested again: the ratio of the ingredients stayed the same with a few extra tips and tricks for making this curd. Also, I’ve added new images. I think that there isn’t one dessert person in this world who hasn’t heard of lemon curd.  If there is […]

How to Make Kefir Banana Bread

I never understood the craze that was going on with banana bread one time on the Internet. Everybody was baking it, but for me, it was totally out of focus for a quite while. I guess it didn’t sound interesting enough to me to spend my time in the kitchen baking it. Boy, I was […]

Shortbread keksi u obliku srca

Shortbread Cookies For Valentine’s Day

I think I could not have had a better start on this blog than with this lovely recipe for shortbread cookies for Valentine’s day. Shortbread cookies are famous Scottish cookies that originate in the 12th century. However, it is well known that the recipe for these cookies is perfected at the court of Mary Stuart, […]