cranachan recipe

Cranachan Recipe – Easy Scottish Dessert

For me, this quick raspberry dessert is like a real summer in the glass. And it’s done in 15 minutes or so. How AWESOME is that?! The summer is officially here so I’m using it as a chance to present you this super quick and easy no-bake summer dessert. This time I found my inspiration […]

Soft and Fluffy Whole Wheat American Pancakes

When I get the desire to eat some pancakes I become really serious about it. Serious like Peter Stormare in Fargo. I think you got the picture. And then… then I bake these whole wheat American pancakes. Although my favorite American pancakes, I have to admit, are those with pumpkin purée, these will serve me […]

Domaće mljeko od lješnjaka

Creamy Homemade Hazelnut Milk Recipe

My experimenting with homemade hazelnut milk began somewhere in the middle of my struggle with acne when my dermatologist recommended that I should cut cow milk and sugar from my diet. And at that time I couldn’t imagine a day without milk (at least in my coffee) and eating something sweet. So, you can imagine […]

How to Make Kefir Banana Bread

I never understood the craze that was going on with banana bread one time on the Internet. Everybody was baking it, but for me, it was totally out of focus for a quite while. I guess it didn’t sound interesting enough to me to spend my time in the kitchen baking it. Boy, I was […]