chicken in white wine sauce with grapes and rosemary

Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Grapes and Rosemary

I came across the inspiration for this recipe quite by accident. A few years ago, when I just started writing my blog and running an IG profile, in an exchange of recipes with food bloggers from other parts of the world, I was given the task to try a recipe called Vineyard Chicken. We got […]

krumpir salata sa začinskim biljem

Herbed Potato Salad With Capers

5 Very Important Steps For Amazing Herbed Potato Salad 1. Choose The Right Type of Potato. Before, when I was making a potato salad, I never really paid that much attention to the type of potato I will use for that. I was just using whatever potatoes I had on hand at home. BIG MISTAKE. […]

provansalske trave u staklenki

How to Make Herbes de Provence Mixture?

How I became crazy about spices? I’m one of those people who is pretty assured that with many things we buy, with a little research and minimal effort, we can make ourselves at home with no trouble at all. Why buy when you can DIY, am I right? The story starts with this one little […]