Kremasti rižoto od bundeve serviran u pečenim bundevama

Delicious Brown Rice Risotto with Pumpkin and Sage

Although it doesn’t seem like that when you look at the thermometer here in Croatia, we are deep in the autumn. The rustling of colorful leaves under our feet, the smell of roasted chestnuts on the streets, long sleeves, the preparation of food preserves for the winter…all these (and many more) are images in my […]

provansalske trave u staklenki

How to Make Herbes de Provence Mixture?

How I became crazy about spices? I’m one of those people who is pretty assured that with many things we buy, with a little research and minimal effort, we can make ourselves at home with no trouble at all. Why buy when you can DIY, am I right? The story starts with this one little […]