About me

Food & Mood is a blog of one enthusiastic individual who is devoted to cooking and trying out new food, who is amateur in kitchen and photography, but who really knows how to enjoy little things in everyday life.

I’m pretty much of a person who, when opens her eyes in the morning, immediately starts to think about what to eat that day. Well, sometimes the thinking-about-food-process is done days ago.

I’m the type of person who turns into a bad gremlin when I’m hungry for too long.

A person who can hardly wait for Saturday’s trip to the colorful local market that is irresistibly luring with its colors, scents, and diverse textures and who is eager to figure out how all those groceries can be incorporated into a meal that is much more than a mere human need for survival.

A person who can talk about food all the time and in every opportunity and whom the cooking for others fills and delights.

A person who is at the very beginning of her own culinary journey.

If you have found similarities with yourself, you’re at the right place. This blog was created because of the boundless love for food, the desire to get to know like-minded people and desire to express creatively.

Here I will share with you recipes inspired by different world cuisines that will often be accompanied by interesting historical facts and stories. And provide some useful tips & tricks and occasional DIY projects.

This blog is the story of the pleasure of trying out new flavors.

The story of man’s creative process.

The story about home cooking as an art.



P.S. Would you like to see some of my food photos that aren’t posted here on the blog? So good to hear that because you’re just one click away from my photography portfolio. 🙂

And now it’s time to try out some of my recipes and make a mess in your kitchens!