4 Creative Beetroot Recipe Ideas


Are you tired of eating the beets the same way all the time? I hear you! These delicious beetroot recipe ideas will change your thoughts on this earthy root vegetable and make you fall in love with it.

  • beetroot gnocchi with brown butter sauce

    Beetroot Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce

    Table of ContentsWhat Do We (Do Not) Know About GnocchiWhich Flour is Best to Make GnocchiWhat is Brown Butter (beurre noisette)?Gnocchi is one of the least attractive side dishes I’ve ever eaten. At least that’s what I thought before. God, how naive I was! Listen to this: gnocchi can be the main star of your…

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  • beetroot apple smoothie recipe

    Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie Recipe

    Table of ContentsWhy Do Beetroots Taste Like Dirt?I have one tiny problem with smoothies. Drinking smoothies don’t go hand in hand with my routine of drinking coffee/black tea. The morning I decide to start with a freshly prepared smoothie means I cannot have my caffeine dose when I need it. And I am a caffeine…

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  • Turkish Salad with Beetroot, Radish, and Feta Cheese

    This recipe is actually so simple, but believe me, after trying it out, you’ll never want to eat beetroot in the same, old-fashioned way. Do you usually eat the beetroot in one and the same way, as pickled? I believe you are, more or less, or at least that was always the case at my…

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  • Shortbread keksi u obliku srca

    Shortbread Cookies For Valentine’s Day

    I think I could not have had a better start on this blog than with this lovely recipe for shortbread cookies for Valentine’s day. Shortbread cookies are famous Scottish cookies that originate in the 12th century. However, it is well known that the recipe for these cookies is perfected at the court of Mary Stuart,…

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