beetroot apple smoothie recipe

Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie Recipe

This Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie with sour green apples and freshly grated ginger has a great, refreshing taste and is full of useful fiber! You can drink it in the morning for breakfast or choose as a light between-meal instead of purchasing unhealthy snacks. And man, oh man, look at that color! Beautiful, right? I […]

Domaće mljeko od lješnjaka

Creamy homemade hazelnut milk recipe

My experimenting with homemade hazelnut milk began somewhere in the middle of my struggle with acne when my dermatologist recommended that I should cut cow milk and sugar from my diet. And at that time I couldn’t imagine a day without milk (at least in my coffee) and eating something sweet. So, you can imagine how enthusiastic […]