red mulled wine in a glass cup

Best Red Mulled Wine – Basic Recipe

Who is a fan of mulled wine from those wooden huts during Advent? Are you? I’m not. Here, I said it out loud! That is, I wrote it publicly. I am not particularly enthusiastic about the mulled wine during the Advent season here in Zagreb. In fact, I only drank good mulled wine maybe once […]

beetroot apple smoothie recipe

Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie Recipe

I have one tiny problem with smoothies. Drinking smoothies don’t go hand in hand with my routine of drinking coffee/black tea. The morning I decide to start with a freshly prepared smoothie means I cannot have my caffeine dose when I need it. And I am a caffeine addict, I admit. Maybe that’s why tiramisu […]

Domaće mljeko od lješnjaka

Creamy Homemade Hazelnut Milk Recipe

My experimenting with homemade hazelnut milk began somewhere in the middle of my struggle with acne when my dermatologist recommended that I should cut cow milk and sugar from my diet. And at that time I couldn’t imagine a day without milk (at least in my coffee) and eating something sweet. So, you can imagine […]