dark chocolate hazelnuts oatmeal cookies

Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts Oatmeal Cookies

Your search for delicious, homemade dark chocolate oatmeal cookies has officially come to an end: these cookies are made with whole-grain spelt flour, dark chocolate, and crunchy hazelnuts. They are universal for every time of the year! Thanks to coconut oil and coconut palm sugar, they stay soft for a long time. I mean, who […]

oven-roasted plum jam no added sugar

Oven-Roasted Plum Jam (No Added Sugar!)

Imagine someone telling you that you can choose to eat only one jam for the rest of your life, what would you choose? As a self-proclaimed ambassador of morning slice of bread spread with butter and homemade jam, I could hardly decide. Yet, after roasting these enticing large, blue plums in the oven with pumpkin […]

mexican avocado dip - guacamole

Homemade Chunky Guacamole Recipe

The guacamole was created to breathe life into somewhat boring avocado – at least that’s how I like to think. I don’t know why, but this avocado dip somehow reminds me of summer – fresh, hot chili peppers, refreshing, delicate lime, cilantro, and creamy avocado. And it can be easily incorporated in other recipes! What […]

beetroot apple smoothie recipe

Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie Recipe

This Vegan Beetroot Apple Smoothie with sour green apples and freshly grated ginger has a great, refreshing taste and is full of useful fiber! You can drink it in the morning for breakfast or choose as a light between-meal instead of purchasing unhealthy snacks. And man, oh man, look at that color! Beautiful, right? I […]

Raw vegan coconut energy balls (copycat Raffaello)

The very first bite of these coconut energy balls was enough for me to say: you go, girl, you did it! You’ve actually made raw vegan coconut balls which irresistibly remind of Raffaello,  but with real coconut products! This is one of those recipes after which you’re a bit sad when you need to wash […]

Soft and Fluffy Whole Wheat American Pancakes

When I get the desire to eat some pancakes I become really serious about it. Serious like Peter Stormare in Fargo. I think you got the picture. And then… then I bake these whole wheat American pancakes. Although my favorite American pancakes, I have to admit, are those with pumpkin purée, these will serve me […]

Domaće mljeko od lješnjaka

Creamy homemade hazelnut milk recipe

My experimenting with homemade hazelnut milk began somewhere in the middle of my struggle with acne when my dermatologist recommended that I should cut cow milk and sugar from my diet. And at that time I couldn’t imagine a day without milk (at least in my coffee) and eating something sweet. So, you can imagine how enthusiastic […]