13 Dessert Recipes To Impress Your Mom On Mother’s Day


Get ready to spoil your Mum for Mother’s Day with a handpicked collection of heartwarming recipes that will make this day unforgettable, for both of you! These recipes are a perfect way to show your mother some love, not only on this but any day of the year.

Whether she has a sweet tooth for chocolate or is more fond of refreshing, fruity flavors, or maybe she is craving something creamy and indulgent, I’ve got you covered with these 13 recipe suggestions.

pistachio blueberry tiramisu served on a black matte plate
Pistachio Blueberry Tiramisu
This creamy goodness is made without eggs, coffee, or alcohol; you can still indulge in these layers just like with the original tiramisu. It's simply perfect for any occasion, especially for Mother's Day!
Get the Pistachio Blueberry Tiramisu recipe.
mekane buhtle s pekmezom
Jam Filled Yeast Buns (Buhtle)
My grandma always used to make this recipe and it's one of my family's classics! These warm, incredibly soft jam-filled yeast buns will make Mother's Day really special and unforgettable.
Get the Jam Filled Yeast Buns recipe.
easy kefir pancakes
Easy Kefir Pancakes
If you want to make your mom's morning extra special, make these fluffy kefir pancakes! Crispy on the edges, and airy on the inside, they smell irresistible on butter and lemon and are loved by both children and grown-ups.
Get the Easy Kefir Pancakes recipe.
no-bake blueberry cheesecake
No-Bake Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake
Crust made of toasted almonds and cookies, combined with cream cheese and white chocolate with a layer of blueberry cream make this cheesecake a real treat! You don't even need to turn your oven to make it.
Get the No-Bake Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake recipe.
cranachan recipe
Cranachan – Easy Scottish Raspberry Dessert
Don't have much time? Try this recipe then. Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert with whiskey, oatmeal, and raspberries that celebrates the raspberry harvest. It's sweetened with honey and ready for serving right away!
Get the Cranachan recipe.
mini galette s jagodama, vanilijom i crnim paprom
Mini Strawberry Galettes With Vanilla and Black Pepper
Dessert for bold, curios mothers who will appreciate a twist on a classical strawberry flavor.
Get the Mini Strawberry Galettes recipe.
chocolate glazed yeast donuts (doughnuts)
Chocolate Glazed Yeast Donuts
Eye-catching, fun, and delicious! Yeast donuts can be found in various flavors, and are most easily recognized by their characteristic ring shape, flavorful glazes, and colorful sprinkles. These Chocolate Glazed Yeast Donuts have a thin, crisp exterior, and a soft and fluffy interior.
Get the Chocolate Glazed Yeast Donuts recipe.
Simple No Measure Yogurt Cake
This no-measure yogurt cake is a very simple, basic dessert that you can prepare in 15 minutes or less. It's so easy and fast to bake and gives an unmistakably delicious result that will put a smile on your mother's face.
Get the Simple No Measure Yogurt Cake recipe.
crumble od jabuka
Apple Crumble With Cardamom Butter Sauce
Crunchy almond flakes, juicy apples, refreshing lemon, pumpkin pie spices, and a crispy, buttery crumble top sound nice, right? But stop, there's more! This warm apple crumble is paired with silky butter and cardamom sauce – an irresistible addition to complement this modest, rustic dessert.
Get the Apple Crumble recipe.
sladoled od bourbon vanilije
No-Churn Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream
One bowl, one mixer, and 3 ingredients are everything you need to make this delicious, homemade bourbon vanilla ice cream. This rich, decadent no-churn ice cream is made without eggs and, what's best, takes only 10 minutes of your time.
Get the Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream recipe.
Zesty Lavender and Lemon Curd Cookies
Buttery, delicious cookies with a delicate lavender scent and refreshing lemon curd will love even those who think that lavender has nothing to do with the food.
Get the Lavender and Lemon Curd Cookies recipe.
cheesecake s kupinama
Amazing Blackberry-Swirled Cheesecake
This amazing blackberry-swirled cheesecake is an excellent dessert for any party or celebration, especially for Mother's Day, and will be great for people who don't like too sweet cakes.
Get the Blackberry-Swirled Cheesecake recipe.
raspberry brioche babka
Raspberry Brioche Babka
Fluffy and soft raspberry brioche babka with cinnamon, cloves, and freshly grated orange zest will cheer your mum even on the gloomiest day. This is one of those desserts that can be perfectly paired with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Take a slice of this babka, add some homemade lemon curd or dulce de leche and you'll have a really nice, decadent dessert. Perfect for celebrating Mother's Day.
Get the Raspberry Brioche Babka recipe.

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